Kindness Currency™ is Here!

Commit to Shareholder AND Society Value

Kindness Currency (KC) is a way to earn credits for performing an act of kindness. KC’s are shared when you need some kindness and your neighbor helps you out. Kindness Currency can be earned, redeemed, or donated to someone in need.

Here is an example of how Kindness Currency works:
A neighbor needs someone to drive them to the doctor. You offer to do so, and wait until the appointment is finished, then you drive them home. Over the course of your two hours, this simple act of kindness has just earned 2 KC digital credits to your SAHAVE KC account. Your neighbor transfers 2 KC’s to your account. It’s that easy.

Any act of kindness that averages an hour of time, including donating blood is valued at one KC credit.

FREE KC’s for joining SAHAVE. Upon starting with SAHAVE, you’ll receive a one time bonus of 5 KC credits to be used as you see fit.
You can bank them, earn more, and redeem them for merchandise or gift cards. You can donate them to your neighbor so they can continue to receive kindness from others if they run out. It’s a form of payback for people being kind and doing the right thing.
Kindness Currency™ is a fun way to get into the habit of being a good neighbor, a better friend, or an anonymous benefactor. Join today and get into the act!

Kindness Currency is a digital credit system and has no cash value. KC credits are not crypto-currency and can only be used as a novel program exclusively for SAHAVE members.

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