• Donate Blood
  • Help Clean Up a Local Park
  • Build a Home
  • Donate Money for a Worthy Cause
  • Earn Kindness Currency


  • Reach New and Existing Volunteers
  • Manage Relationships and Events
  • Promote Events On Multiple Social Platforms
  • Set up Crowdfunding programs
  • Fulfill Your Social Responsibility

Tools to Help Build

a Better Community

With the SAHAVE Platform, Organizations get a tool kit to build relationships in the community; create meaningful events in your community like blood drives, book donations or crowdfunding events; gain access to new prospective participants and donors; and communicate that you are socially responsible member of the community. SAHAVE can help you plan, organize and deliver on your stated goals.

Features and Benefits

You can join the movement and register for free, as a blood donor or a volunteer You may want to contribute to communities through your valuable time. We have amazing features for you

Receive notifications for emergency community requirements.

Reach out to your contacts to alert them to what you are supporting

Earn Kindness Currency that you can donate to an organization of your choice

Find interesting volunteering work based on your interests and skills

Love puppies? We send you notifications based on what your interested causes are

You get to upskill yourself effortlessly while contributing to society .

With the SAHAVE platform

your Organization gets access to

Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world

Pradeep Kandimalla


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Frequently Asked

What is it?

When a person gets affected and recovers from any illness, they form what are called ‘antibodies’ towards the disease. These antibodies get stored in a person’s blood; in case a virus attack happens again. With respect to the coronavirus pandemic, plasma treatment is one of the very few effective treatments that has been successful.

How is it done?

Once a patient has recovered from COVID-19, their blood plasma is collected by the doctors – as they have developed antibodies to the disease. Once gathered, this plasma is transferred into patients currently seeking treatment for the virus. As per research as little as 200 ml of transfusions have helped patients significantly.

Is this treatment safe?

100%. The treatment is FDA-approved and has been used by doctors around the globe as part of the recovery process during the last couple of months.

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