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Educational Institutions and staff members are important aspects in the nurturing and mentoring of young people preparing to become future leaders of the world. SAHAVE can help these Institutions and their staff develop students by providing engagement opportunities in the Institution’s immediate community and the surrounding community.

Volunteerism is now touted to be one the of most efficient methods of upskilling yourself, with little or absolutely no cost to you! Working with a team of enthusiastic individuals, problem solving and tackling challenges on the go, all make you skilled in a way no training program can, while building one up as a wholesome person. SAHAVE brings Education Institutions a highly efficient and fast way to get your staff and students to volunteer with no operational hassles and completely FREE OF COST to your institution.

Students who have volunteered before have an 82% more probability of getting hired than a student who hasn’t. The primary reason for this – students who volunteer demonstrate a level of competency that sets them apart from their peers, having been equipped with required soft skills before they even get on the job.

SAHAVE provides you with a Platform designed to engage your staff and students, create events relevant to your institution and track progress toward your Institutional goals.

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Crowdfunding for your Campaigns

Technology to Manage Your Donors and Student Activities

Blood and Organ Donation Opportunities

Volunteerism Benefits for your Institution and Students

Your Staff and Student Well Being Matters

Volunteerism has shown to improve

Industry Ready Graduates

Motivation for Staff Members

Reduced Stress Levels

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