Social Responsibility

Commit to Shareholder AND Society Value

Communities look at businesses with the expectation for them to have social responsibility or community involvement. This could be as simple as sponsoring youth athletic teams, volunteering time or even funding or helping projects financially, based on the scale of the business. Often times, a business owner or corporate entity is stuck and unable to find a reliable resource in the market that can guide them to make maximum impact with their time and donations to be set aside for social/charitable causes.
SAHAVE makes the act of Social Responsibility by Commission very easy to do and tracks a business’ progress toward its annual goal. It is now common practice for investors and the community at large to factor in to their investment or purchase behavior, an organization’s socially responsible practices. If your business isn’t already practicing this behavior, this is a great time to start.
By becoming a part of the SAHAVE Business Portal, a company can create a space for their organization to plan events like blood drives and park clean up days. They can crowdfund for charities or groups that provide meaningful support to the society at large. All of this activity can be tracked and housed in their Business Portal to share at the end of the year with the government or the community at large.
Social Responsibility is good business. SAHAVE is hear to help you!

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