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LIVEWEEK NGO EXPO Addresses United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals Agenda

Mahatma Award for Social Good

Naperville, Ill – September 25, 2018 – SAHAVE™ was awarded the coveted Mahatma Award by the international body LIVEWEEK, a humanitarian organization coordinated by the country of India and the United Nations to address the UN 2030 Sustainability Development Goals Agenda. It’s 11th annual gathering of NGO’s, Nonprofits, Corporate Sponsors and others showcase the successes and challenges social organizations experience on a daily basis and identify new methods of collaboration for building capacity and sustainability.

The Mahatma Award for Social Good was presented to forty two of the 2018 outstanding organizations working toward making this a better world for its citizenry and the planet itself.

When interviewed, the organization’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Amit Sachdeva stated, “We are happy to recognize these fine organizations that embrace the vision and mission of the great leader for social equality, Mahatma Gandhi. SAHAVE™ is a fine example from which we can look for to guide our progress forward.”

Non-Governmental Organizations from several corners of the world convened for a two-day conference with the United Nations World Summit Week as a backdrop, showcasing their achievements and expressing their needs to those attending.

During an interview with SAHAVE’s Founder, President and CEO, Pradeep R. Kandimalla, his expressed viewpoint on the award was, “ We’re overcome with pride that we are a recipient of this prestigious award. Mahatma Gandhi represents all that is good in the world for peace, love and service to others. We’re happy to be included in such a notable group of heart-centered people and organizations.”

SAHAVE (pronounced Sa-ha’-vee), the mobile-first application built with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and blockchain technology is being developed by an international team of technology, business and hematology experts in the U.S. and India who are creating a way for blood availability in real time to execute the mission of saving lives. While there are software packages that address some donor scheduling and reporting, but none provide the real-time eligibility tracking, alert communication and information systems as does SAHAVE. Further upgrades planned will include inventory management, and regional integration among hospitals and blood banks, and just in time blood access for the patient.

For more information on the benefits of the SAHAVE platform, feel free to register on the website at: Individual donors can sign up and begin to experience the platform as it grows in market share.
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