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Not For Profits are an essential and powerful part of a global community. Representing and aiding civilians in need, identifying crucial problems in our society and taking an active stand in solving them. At SAHAVE we believe there are enough resources to solve every problem in the world. Our Platform provides the connection between the people facing the problem and the people who have the resources and expertise to solve it.

SAHAVE’s Not For Profit platform allows for transparency building trust in the community; increased donations of time, talent and treasure; and increased volunteerism. SAHAVE will put you in touch with a massive group of motivated individuals, who are passionate about social work and making a difference to the world. Most importantly, they will be skilled to do the work that you specifically need. Our Platform simplifies the efforts of scouting through a huge pool of interested volunteers, and only sends you the right people for the job, thereby reducing your efforts to find reliable people.

Join us as SAHAVIANs in helping keep our world humming.

The Parent-Child Syndrome of
Nonprofit Structure

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