Here’s How You Can Save Numerous Lives During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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With the world coming to a standstill due to the novel coronavirus, a critical question emerges for everyone: What do we do now?

Our latest crisis – the novel coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 has made people around the world scramble to make things better for ourselves and those around us. Volunteers, local authorities and the medical community have all united in the fight against this virus.

While the concerned officials have been tackling coronavirus in the front-line, an interesting treatment is being administered by doctors around the globe to treat the patients. This treatment – termed the ‘convalescent plasma treatment’ has shown encouraging results around the globe, as per numerous doctors.

What is it?

When a person gets affected, and recovers from any illness, they form what are called ‘antibodies’ towards the disease. These antibodies get stored in a person’s blood; in case a virus attack happens again. With respect to the coronavirus pandemic, the plasma treatment is one of the very few effective treatments that has been successful.

How is it done?

Once a patient has recovered from COVID-19, their blood plasma is collected by the doctors – as they have developed antibodies to the disease. Once gathered, this plasma is transferred into patients currently seeking treatment for the virus. As per research, as little as 200 ml of transfusions have helped patients significantly.

Is this treatment safe?

100%. The treatment is FDA-approved and has been used by doctors around the globe as part of the recovery process during the last couple of months.
Who can donate their plasma?

If you are a fully recovered coronavirus patient (no symptoms for 14 days post- recovery) you are eligible to donate your plasma. The procedures are extremely stringent in ensuring your safety.

Criteria for donating:

  1. Tested positive for COVID-19 once.
  2. Tested negative for COVID-19 once after treatment post 14 days or higher.

Is it okay for patients do donate blood? Since they have just recovered from a huge virus.

It is 100% safe for recovered patients to donate blood. They have already overcome a humongous disease. As doctors around the globe are ensuring of utmost safety standards for the patients, it would be the same as donating blood or plasma in regular cases. Doctors around the world have also deemed it the safest treatment procedure currently being administered.

I want to save lives. What should I do?

If you’re a COVID-19 recovered patient who wishes to opt for blood plasma donation, you can find the nearest blood bank around you.

To make things easier, we at SAHAVE have developed a unique, easy-to-use mobile application where you can find the nearest blood bank or hospital near you and register yourself to donate.

In just three easy steps, you can save a life! Here’s how:

  1. Download the SAHAVE App from App Store or PlayStore.
  2. Register yourself as a COVID-19 Plasma Donor
  3. Book an Appointment at your nearest blood centre

Once you donate, you can even track your donation till it reaches another COVID-19 patient in need.

I run/work at a blood centre. How can I partner with SAHAVE?
At SAHAVE, we are working round the clock to ensure blood centres have ample supply. If you run or work at a registered blood centre, here’s how you can help out more patients in three easy steps:

  1. Download the SAHAVE Blood Centre App from App Store or PlayStore.
  2. Register as COVID-19 plasma collection centre
  3. Request for Plasma Donors and approve appointments

You can even notify your donors when their donated plasma is used for other patients.

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