Donate time, your most valuable asset

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Donate ‘time’, your most valuable asset

Non-profits often depend on the community support to help them run their grassroot level processes. While this usually involves receiving financial donations from individuals and organizations, they are faced with everyday situations where they could use a few extra hands, and a fresh eye for a new perspective in solving their issues. This is why, we at SAHAVE think it is more useful for non-profit organizations, when they get help in terms of volunteer work, in addition to monetary donations.

Here are four profound ways you help a NonProfit when you contribute your time.

  1. Additional free time: Non-profits of all kind and size often face a resource crunch, leading to their employees being overworked and hands-full of work. Several organizations employ people within their premises, and cannot afford to give them weekly offs, for their personal time. When you volunteer at a non-profit, their employees get a much deserved break from their routines. They get some personal time off, to come back to work re-energised and refreshed.
  2. Help focus on core-work: There are several secondary functions that nonprofits handle, on a regular basis like recruitment, accounts management, auditing, technical work etc., which aren’t their core functions. Finding volunteers who are skilled in these departments could help them re-focus on their main objectives and be assured that administrative and operational functions are taken care of by experts. This way, they are supported to contribute better, in their area of expertise while non-core work is left to experts willing to volunteer.
  3. A fresh perspective: It always helps to get a fresh insight into existing challenges. Volunteers who spend quality time with non-profits tend to offer this new insight. Often, it just takes that third person standpoint, to assess situations objectively and arrive at a possible solution. Brainstorming with volunteers and taking their inputs helps non-profits make better, practical decisions.
  4. Build them a network: Most non-profits benefit most from word-of-mouth publicity. You could be their voice for the outside world. You could help take their word out into your network and invite newer volunteers that will become part of their volunteer network eventually. Helping non-profits build and increase their network not only helps them, but also helps you find and engage a community of people with common interests and passions.

Non-profits definitely need your financial support. But, what they also need is friendly connections and trustworthy network of volunteers who to their aid, should need be. Volunteers help non-profits become more effective and sustainable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to discover volunteering opportunities around you, and contribute to the community with the most valuable asset you have – give them your time!

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