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Sourcing finances for an unexpected project or new development can be difficult to organize. Reaching the right resources and providing the correct incentive can seem daunting.
There are billions of people worldwide who wish to support their peers, but they are not aware of the specifics of a case or the urgency. Whether there is a need to raise funding for a family of children who lost their parents, a new church center or even a vaccine, unless the community is aware of the need, they cannot provide help.
At SAHAVE, we feel it should be easy to help others. We design technology to do just that. The SAHAVE platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to donate OR set up a crowdfunding event for a need in the community. Everyday someone starts their day trying to understand where money will come from for a project or for their daily use. Helping to ease that burden or donating to a cause that you support can be crucial to the success of the project or the prosperity of an individual.
Join us as SAHAVIANs in helping keep our world humming. One event at a time!

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With SAHAVE, you have the ability to help immediately by funding an event or by creating a crowdfunding event of your own for your own specific cause. SAHAVE gives you the tools, YOU make it happen.

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