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A Business and it’s employees are important to every community. When the business and it’s employees come together to support the community that they live and work in, it can change the outlook for everyone involved. When the community prospers, the business prospers. SAHAVE can help Businesses work on their Social Responsibility by providing volunteer and other engagement opportunities for Employees in the immediate community that the business resides.

Volunteerism is one the of most efficient methods of upskilling yourself, with little or absolutely no cost to you! Working with a team of enthusiastic individuals, problem solving and tackling challenges on the go, all make you skilled in a way no training program can, while building one up as a wholesome person. And it has the added benefit of supporting the community that you work in. SAHAVE brings Businesses a highly efficient and fast way to get your employees to volunteer with no operational hassles.

Employees who volunteer feel a greater sense of accomplishment in their own lives and are significantly more satisfied with their jobs. SAHAVE provides you with a Platform designed to engage your staff, create events relevant to your community and track progress toward your goals.

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Crowdfunding for your Campaigns

Technology to Manage Your Donors and Benefactors

Blood and Organ Donation Opportunities

Continually Tap Into Volunteers

Your Social Responsibility Matters

Volunteering in your community helps

Market your Business

Motivation for Staff Members

Upskill Your Team Members

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