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Blood gives life. Blood sustains life. Blood restores life. This is a fundamental building block of being human. As individuals and members of every community, we have the ability to provide life giving blood and plasma. This is the most elemental foundation of doing good in the world.

At SAHAVE, we feel it should be easy to help others. We design technology to do just that. The SAHAVE platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to volunteer to donate blood and plasma OR set up a blood donation event to gather blood for people in need.

Somewhere in your community there is someone that needs blood to survive. Whether your blood type is A, B, AB or O, you have the ability to help them get back to their family. Please join us as SAHAVIANs in helping keep our world humming. One heartbeat at a time!

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With SAHAVE, you have the ability to help immediately by donating or by creating a blood drive of your own for your own specific cause. SAHAVE gives you the tools, YOU make it happen.

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