How you can build a lucrative career in NGO sector

While volunteering at an NGO can be an enriching experience personally and professionally, did you know you can make a career in the NGO sector aka social sector aka development sector? With this, you can use your skills to work towards the betterment of the society and have a job that is deeply satisfying. In […]

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Bhoomi Foundation: Acting On The Change They Want To See

There’s a campaign initiated by the government of India, aiming to clean up the country. While the success of the campaign is debatable, there are some like Tejaswi, a 23 year old IT professional from Hyderabad who literally get their hands dirty to clean up places in the country. Tejaswi’s Bhoomi Foundation does something that […]

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Students Tell Us About Their Volunteering Experiences

“I learnt how to handle big teams and learnt how to lead several projects at once after I started volunteering at Hyderabad Youth Assembly,” says Madhuchandra Gudi, a third year engineering student from SNIST in Hyderabad. If this statement is anything to go by, working/volunteering at an NGO while you still are a student, has […]

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This World Cancer Day, Pledge For a Clean Lifestyle

Cancer is an emotionally, physically and financially draining disease. With growing levels of pollution, adulteration of foods and sedentary lifestyle, there are new kinds of cancers emerging every other day. While doctors have proven that genetics is one of the causes, modern lifestyle changes are also to blame, for a person to be affected by […]

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Is the Media Doing its Job?

Is the Media Doing its Job As a global citizen, a common factor that binds us together is the media. Traditional media is the only face of a world that’s not our home turf. Hot topics of discussion over a meal with family or friends have always been because of news coverage from international media […]

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The limit of Corporate Social Responsibility on the local level

“Undertaking socially responsible initiatives is truly a win-win situation. Not only will your company appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees, but you’ll also make a real difference in the world” (Business News Daily) The primary objective of any business owner is the bottom-line: profit. For decades businesses have operated on the sole model of […]

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When transparency turns to opacity

When transparency turns to opacity Non-governmental organizations are the true representatives of the world’s humanitarian efforts, making them an integral part of the global economy. Therefore, it is our right as a community to have access to information about how these institutions conduct their efforts. Given this fact, NGO’s have resorted to secrecy and deception […]

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The current NGO structure and why it needs reform..

“Humanitarian crises are becoming more prevalent and diverse and the media play a critical role in defining the response to these crises. The number of people in need, the chronically hungry, is increasing by about 4 million people per year” (Brookings Institution). As the world is changing, population, variability of disasters, and humanitarian need are increasing. […]

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